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Seeking An Attorney?

ARS assists callers in finding an attorney who matches their legal needs. ARS staff will schedule a 30-minute consultation with a private attorney at a location convenient to you. We do not give callers a list of names and telephone numbers of attorneys.

  • ARS ensures the referred attorney is licensed to practice in Minnesota, currently has no restrictions on his/her license and is covered under lawyers' liability insurance.

  • There is a $30 administrative fee required to schedule the initial 30-minute consultation, which is the responsibility of the caller to pay. This fee is not refunded if you cancel the consultation. There is no $30 administrative fee for Social Security Disability Claims. The $30 fee is waived for most attorney fee generating cases such as workers' compensation and personal injury.

  • If you are unsure of the type of attorney you need, ARS will assist you in determining the area of law best suited for your legal matter, and find an attorney who practices in that area of law. However, the intake staff cannot inform you of the merits of your case.

  • ARS is not a free service. All of our member attorneys are private attorneys who charge fees. Callers are encouraged to discuss the attorney's fees during the 30-minute consultation.

  • If your legal needs can be better met through another means, ARS will give you a referral to a social service organization.

Modest Fee Service
The ARS is now offering a Modest Fee service for most legal issues. In order to qualify for this service, your total household income must fall between 125-250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. An ARS Intake Counselor can help you determine if you qualify for this service.

The cost for this service is $20 and is payable to the Ramsey County Bar Association ARS. The attorney will consult with you for the first 30 minutes for no charge, after that the attorney will charge no more than $55.00 per hour/initial $600.00 retainer fee for their services.

If you would like a referral, please call the intake line at 651.224.1775 or send an email to ars@ramseybar.org.

Need a lawyer in a different part of the country? Find the Lawyer Referral program in that geographic area through the ABA national directory, here.